CD Storage? Not a Problem!

As much as we love vinyl at Brokenpress, we’ll admit, there are still some CD’s lingering in our music collection. So many great compilations and box sets came out on compact disc in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when vinyl was almost dead, and we still listen to them. The good thing is, we’re not alone. We recently received a commission from a client who loved our standard credenza, but needed to store 500 CDs and DVDs for a media room. After visiting the client’s house, Alex recommended to build it in a combination of white oak and birch to compliment the existing wood in the house.

Brokenpress came to the rescue with a new take on CD storage. Honestly, every CD storage tower I have seen in the past had the CDs displayed spine side forward like a book and was relegated to being propped up against a wall. Many people with large collections are looking for a more subtle way to store their music, such as our client. Based on these needs, Alex chose to build drawers as CD storage; a much cleaner and organized way to hold CDs. It also gave the flexibility to hold wider box sets or some of the more creative CD packaging that doesn’t fit in a pre-drilled slot. What if the clients’ musical needs change in time? The CD dividers can be pulled out, making it a traditional drawer.

We also introduced a new longer hardwood pull in solid white oak. It follows the extra wide width of this piece without making it overpowering. The drawers open with ease, and you an easily move back and forth between drawers with our extra sturdy drawer design.

The deep drawer on the left holds everything from DVDs and video games to snacks and remotes for the perfect movie night. The lower shelf of storage with bypass drawers hold both vinyl albums and board games. The Otto Credenza shows that even though Brokenpress Design+Fabrication builds for audiophiles, we can create beautiful and functional furniture for anyone’s needs. Tell us how we can help you!