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“His” and “Her” Nightstand Pair – Fabricated by Brokenpress

In September, we received a wonderful review from a client in Yelp. Unfortunately, the review is currently hidden. Instead of it being lost on their website, I thought it would be best to include it here, along with images from the commission. This client originally found us from a DNAInfo article, and was looking for a custom furniture maker to build a pair of modern nightstands in solid cherry that he designed himself. Don’t think Brokenpress Design is your source for audio furniture or vinyl storage. This is another example where we can build high end custom made modern furniture for your needs.

Alex is passionate about his work and craft and very client-oriented. My wife and I needed nightstands for our bedroom, and because of the master bedroom layout, required them in two different sizes that aren’t always available from stores. Just as critical, we had our own ideas about the right design in terms of the position of a drawer and open slots for books, etc., which was also hard to find. And we are very picky about design and quality, as we’re living in a home we designed and built.

We found Alex online and were immediately drawn to the style of his pieces and so gave him a call. He was very helpful on his initial visit and subsequent contacts as we worked through the design and other details. Alex is quite willing to work with your suggestions and then tweak and improve them, which we appreciated. It’s obvious that his interest was in crafting a piece that would truly meet our needs and fit in our space and be well made. He even loaned us a special color chart (from his lovely wife, Jen), to help us get the color of the drawer face right.

The finished pieces are everything we had hoped for and look perfect in the bedroom. And considering the quality and the fact that you can get just what you want, Alex’s work isn’t that expensive. If you can’t find what you need at the usual sources, and you value style and craftsmanship, contact Alex. You won’t be disappointed.

Let us know how Brokenpress can create something beautiful for you!

Brokenpress Hidden Yelp Review

Fireplace Surrounds Designed & Built by Brokenpress

In the past year, we’ve designed and built two large fireplace surrounds for our clients. The first project was in a newly rehabbed home where a new fireplace had been added to the living room; it was like working with a blank canvas. Alex met with the clients to find out what their storage needs were, which were a combination of shelves to display books and collectables, and enclosed shelves to hide children’s toys and such. He offered quotes for these custom pieces in both wood and “for paint” – still a durable, quality product, but at a substantial cost savings. The clients went for the more affordable option, but kept the mantel in walnut with its cascading grain; a signature in many of our Brokenpress pieces.

The second commission was to create a new mantelpiece and fireplace surround to an existing fireplace. These clients wished to hide the brick wall that enclosed the fireplace with warm walnut. Additionally, they wanted to mount a flat screen tv above the fireplace, but have it hidden when it wasn’t in use. Alex was able to create an updated, modern fireplace without any major demolition. Bypass doors and cord management make the flat screen television disappear for a more formal presentation.

Do you have an existing fireplace that could benefit with more functional storage? Or a wall-mount flat screen tv that should be a little more inconspicuous? Contact Brokenpress and see what we can come up with for you.

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