Being Well Received at AXPONA 2015

In April of this year, we at Brokenpress Design+Fabrication participated in our very first tradeshow. Yes, we had popup type installations with the Guerrilla Truck Show and Second Friday at the Fine Arts Building in the past, but AXPONA took it to the next level: a three day trade show for Audiophiles. We showcased two Princeton credenzas in both stationary and mobile options, and a beautiful version of the Standard in mahogany. We even had a giveaway for a hardwood 45 storage box!

Brokenpress Audio Storage Audio Furniture Axpona 2015

For those who don’t know what AXPONA is, in a nutshell, high end audio manufactures and resellers rent out rooms at a hotel and turn them into personal listening rooms where you can experience their products in isolation. It’s pretty interesting walking through floors bustling with people coming in and out of rooms like it’s one big party.

We were located on the main floor in the marketplace. There were a lot of great vendors by us, including Sounds Classic, out of Rockford, who had repaired our Kenwood  KR-9600 the year before, Music Direct, Moo Mats, and Bob’s Devices.

Brokenpress Standard Vinyl audio console storage furniture

It was great seeing people’s reactions when they would come across our products. One of the most frequent questions we received was if we would ship. The good news is, we now can ship, unfortunately, since it requires crating and freight, it is at an additional cost. We do not mark up our shipping charges, so we can always give you an estimate on what that price would be. On Friday, the press was busy in the Marketplace and we were happy to find Brokenpress mentioned in various media outlets. We’ve highlighted some of the feedback, along with links to the original content below. Didn’t make it to AXPONA? You can still contact us to set up an appointment to see our work in person.

 Taking things a step further in the Don Draper direction, if you’re in the market for stylish storage for your vinyl or hi-fi gear, Chicago-based Brokenpress Design + Fabrication creates custom cabinets designed in mid-century-modern styles with that purpose in mind. – The Absolute Sound

Brokenpress: One olive, or two? Awesomely cool, yet simple furniture, perfect for that Mid-Century moment in your listening room. It may look lightweight, but I tried to pick one end up, nope, not light. I want one…Or two…Positive Feedback


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